Life in Rio's favelas, and Charlize Theron on racism and HIV

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Favela residents show the impact of the Games on Rio de Janeiro’s poor. Plus, the actor speaks out at the international Aids conference in Durban

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In our latest diary entries on life in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas in the run-up to the Olympic Games, residents reflect on how the city is divided. Michel Silva in Rocinha laments how favelas are often ignored on official maps; Thaís Cavalcante in Maré says the war on drugs has become a war against the poor; and Daiene Mendes says that in her neighbourhood, Alemão, deaths are not investigated.

At the international Aids conference in Durban, actor Charlize Theron spoke out on the racism that she says is an underlying cause of the HIV epidemic. Theron grew up amid the Aids crisis in South Africa, and started a foundation in 2007 to help prevent adolescents and young people becoming infected with HIV in ever greater numbers.

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