Napoleon Bonaparte dead at St Helena: archive, 28 July 1821

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28 July 1821: The death of Napoleon causes disbelief in France and paranoia in the French court of King Louis

Paris, July 14.
More than a week has passed since it was known at Paris that Napoleon was no more. I have delayed writing till I could inform you of the effect of this important intelligence. Louis had that very day removed to St. Cloud for the season; the illuminations were glittering in the approaches to the palace, and were reflected by the silent and gliding waters of the Seine, when Pasquier arrived.

It was amidst all the affected gaiety of the Advent – amidst the solemn shade of its majestic woods, and in the apartments still rich in the magnificent proofs of his genius and his taste, that the once servile Prefect of Police of Napoleon, now raised to the dignity of Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced to his master, who is a mass of disease and corruption, the death of the mighty, active, healthy, Napoleon.

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