The Hit Jobs: The True Story Behind the U.S. Department of Energy Scandal

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The Hit Jobs: The True Story Behind the U.S. Department of Energy Scandal


You have all heard of the Solyndra Scandal but have you heard ALL of the Solyndra Scandal?

Here is a portion of a police statement that was recently acquired by our editors:

“Our team was working with the U.S. Department of Energy. We were missioned with building the next energy technology for America, which could be deployed, when, and if, the Middle East got out of control. Our group delivered the technology, won congressional awards and commendation and had everything ready-to-go, to solve some of the nation’s biggest national security, jobs, technology and energy issues.

Unbeknownst to us, a group of corrupt financiers had begun a similar plan but with the opposite, competing technology, using bribes and campaign financing to seek to create a monopoly for their technology supply chain.

The FBI then raided one of the financiers companies: Solyndra, and a large amount of public, news media and Congressional investigations began.

We were asked to provide our knowledge of the matters to federal investigators and agreed to assist law enforcement officials.

The suspects turned out to be very wealthy, but very corrupt, Silicon Valley and Russian billionaires. They were working with some corrupt U.S. Senators. They saw their Cartel begin to crumble, in these investigations, and used their funds to contract hit-jobs, character assassinations, digital web attacks, and worse, against anyone who tried to indict them, or cooperate with law enforcement.

The suspects technology began failing on every level, from self-ignited explosions, to toxic gas emissions to numerous other technical, operational and political failures, as the financiers scheme fell apart, they became more desperate and more hateful of the technology out team developed….”

This portion of a statement reveals a darker side to the Department of Energy Cleantech Scandal

The following published letter, from another group that got shafted, reveals more:



Our editors have now spoken with over 200 individuals and companies who clearly state that the Department of Energy “lied to them”, “shafted them”, “stone-walled them”, “Manipulated them”, Manipulated their submissions”, “Sabotaged their companies” and worked cohesively, among Energy staff, to exclude anyone who was not part of a pre-arranged Cartel deal.

What kind of operation is Washington, DC running up there? Why has there been no justice for these people and gifts of billions of taxpayer dollars to the corrupt few who participated in these crimes?






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