The Steven Chu Department of Energy Scam!

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Steven Chu, the Secretary of Energy, was placed in office by John Doerr’s Kleiner Perkins Cartel in order to effect an organized crime operation to steer taxpayer funds to John Doerr, Elon Musk and a cadre of Silicon Valley VC’s.

White House staff Rahm Emanual, David Axelrod, David Plouffe, Bill Daley and Robert Gibbs, assisted in the scam by redirecting federal policy in order to implement the crimes. All of these staff suddenly quit the White House, when confronted about these suspicions.

A large portion of the crime involved manipulating mining stocks, with help from Goldman Sachs. In particular, Afghan lithium for Tesla and Fisker, and Afghan indium for the notorious FBI-raided Solyndra and Abound. Kleiner had relationships with Russian mobsters, for a portion of the middle-east commodities deals. Steven Chu gave federal money to Russian controlled companies as part of the scam. Goldman has now been caught doing the same kind of mining commodity stock manipulation.

Kleiner and Sachs promoted an extensive set of media releases entitled: “Afghanistan is the Saudi Arabia of Lithium” and “A TRILLION DOLLARS OF LITHIUM in Afghanistan” in order to market their profiteering scam. The scam was intended to provide the Silicon Valley Cartel with trillions of dollars of personal profits and the Reid, Feinstein and Obama political campaigns, with back-door financing.

All competitors, to the Kleiner Perkins Cartel, had hit-jobs put on them by Chu, Doerr, Gibbs and Musk. The hit jobs ranged from character assassination via Gawker Media, Media Matters and Think Progress, to economic attacks by In-Q-Tel, to political attacks via Sidney Blumenthal and New America Foundation. Every Dept. of Energy applicant that competed with Kleiner’s holdings was sabotaged by Steven Chu. History has proven that only Cartel companies received the DOE funding, and that all competitors, to Kleiner companies, were targeted by government officials, and Kleiner operatives, and terminated, or black-listed. A number of strange deaths of whistle-blowers are also under investigation.

All of the evidence from leaks, Chinese hacks, eye-witness reports, investigators, emails, HSBC and Welles Fargo leaks, offshore tax records, financial water-fall analysis, forensic accounting, surveillance, phone records, Senate testimony, and a host of other sources, appears to extensively confirm these charges and validate an organized cover-up.

Every single one of the suspects has received financial and career benefits from their crimes, which has now been tracked, and proven, by forensic legal accountants and FOIA disclosures.



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